Services for Owners

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Our Services extend beyond those we provide for tenants. Over the years we have provided a number of low cost home ownership opportunities. Often we have an ongoing relationship with those who have benefited from these, including Sharing Owners and Right to Buy Owners.

Sharing Owners

We provide a factoring service to sharing owners; (who own a part share in their home) or those who have progressed, through buying further shares in a shared ownership property, to become full owners in their own right.

If you live in a flat, for example, we can arrange for any necessary repair work to the common areas or common parts of the building.  Owners and sharing owners are however responsible for paying a share of the cost of this work.

We’ll also arrange the general maintenance and upkeep of any common areas or common parts of the building.  This includes landscaping work; painting work; and general caretaking.  Owners and sharing owners pay for this through service charges.

We also offer access to Buildings Insurance.  Again there is a charge for this, but this is likely to compare favourably to any policy cover you are able to obtain elsewhere.

Contact us if you would like further information on our factoring services, 0800 678 1228.