Our Mission

Homes and services that make life better


Our Guiding Principles

Our principles are central to what we do and incorporate the importance that we place on people, value and quality.

  • Excellence - we will strive for excellence in all that we do
  • Respect - we will respect the diverse nature of our customers, their individual needs and the communities where they live
  • Integrity - we will be open, honest and accountable in all aspects of our work
  • Customer Service - providing great customer service will be at the heart of our work

Our Vision

"Homes and services that make life better"

We are one of Scotland’s leading providers of affordable high quality homes for people in housing need. We aim to make a positive contribution to the communities where we work by combining good quality, energy efficient housing with services that are affordable, sustainable and valued by our tenants and other customers. This is reflected in the three strategic objectives that we have set out in our Business Plan – Achieving Excellence, Building Success and Creating Innovation.

Our Strategic Objectives

Our strategic objectives have been developed to take account of our mission, vision and guiding principles and also our consideration of the wider operational context.

  • Achieving Excellence – We will achieve excellence through our people to deliver quality homes and services that are affordable, sustainable and valued by our customers.
  • Building Success - We will make our organisation stronger for the future by ensuring resilience in all areas of our business, creating a strong base for our continued growth.
  • Creating Innovation - We will innovate to create efficiencies and deliver value for money through the effective use of our resources.

To view our complete 5-year Business Plan Summary, click here.