Our Management Board

The Board is ultimately responsible for deciding on our strategic direction.

It sets the Association’s values and standards and monitors the extent to which we are achieving our high level aims and ambitions. It is also responsible for ensuring we fulfil our legal responsibilities and meet the expectations of our regulators.

There are 12 places on our Board. Board members all give their time on a voluntary basis, receiving no payment. They bring considerable knowledge and expertise from a variety of different backgrounds.

The Board meets ten times during the year.

Management Board 2021/2022


 Position on Board

 Date Elected to   Board


 Date First Elected as   Office Bearer

 Alan Nairn


 19 September 2017

  21  September 2020

 Andrew Richmond

 Vice Chair

 21 September 2020

 25 January 2022

 Katherine Burke

 Elected Member

 21 September 2021


 Tim Goddard

 Elected Member

 21 September 2020


 Allan Jones

 Elected Member

 21 September 2021


 Graham Logan

 Elected Member

 18 September 2018

 Douglas McLaren  Elected Member

 21 September 2020

 Derek Robertson  Elected Member

 21 September 2020

 Lorna Williamson  Elected Member

 21 September 2020


Minutes of Meetings

Copies of minutes of our Management Board Meetings are available to view in the downloads section of our website.

Download our leaflet about our Management Board