Who looks after my house?

Here's a quick guide to who does what to help you find the best person to contact 

Customer Service are your first point of contact. 

Customer Services are our heros and yours! If in doubt call them and they will always be able to help or be able to put you through to someone that can. Their number is 0800 678 1228

There is more to us than just Customer Services! 

Our housing stock is divided into patches with dedicated Housing & Maintenance Officers working hard within each patch to make their communities the best.

Our patches are divided geographically and we have teams with each patch. Currently our patches are under review as we recruit more people but as a rough guide we've attached a wee diagram and details below 

Who Looks After My Patch 

Patch 1 = Alison Cosgrove (Sustainment), Cheryl Connelly (Neighborhood), Susan Stewart (Maintenance)
Patch 2 = Mark Coulthard (Sustainment), David Mitchell (Neighborhood), Adam Stewart (Maintenance)
Patch 3 = Laura Hurlstone (Sustainment), Susan Soave (Neighborhood), Gillian Moon (Maintenance)
Patch 4 = Lola Ross (Sustainment), Tracie Tennent (Neighborhood), Jonathan Coombs (Maintenance)

Within each patch team we have a dedicated person for each of the following services

Monitoring rent arrears & rent collection, Maximising the collection of all Caledonia income, inc.: Recharges, Legal fees, Former tenant debts, Heating charges
Provision of debt management advice, Pragmatic support & advice to assist residents to maintain their homes, Ensuring rent & service charges are fair & affordable.

Managing our neighbourhoods, estates, schemes & surrounding areas, Letting empty properties
Responding to & investigating Anti-Social Behaviour complaints, Ensuring residents maintain the terms of their tenancy agreements, Successions, assignments & tenancy changes, Day to day management of some sheltered housing schemes, Supporting & assisting residents to participate in Caledonia activities.

Inspecting & ordering repairs to homes & empty properties, Controlling repairs budgets & expenditure, Monitoring contractors performance & responding to complaints, Managing service repairs & their contractors, Responding to tenant alteration requests, Provision of our Estates Service incl: Scheme cleaning, Small repairs.

The best way to contact any of the team working in your patch is to contact Customer Services on 0800 678 1228.