Corporate & Governance Documents

Group Business Plan Summary 2022 - 2027

Caledonia Housing Association Rules

Engagement Plan 2022-23 (link to SHR website)

Annual Regulatory Returns

Annual Return on the Charter (ARC) - 2021

Annual Return on the Charter (ARC) - 2020

Annual Return on the Charter (ARC) - 2019

Energy Efficiency Standard for Social Housing (EESSH) Return - 2019

Annual Assurance Statement 2021

Caledonia/Cordale Group Policies & Procedures

Adverse Weather Policy

Anti-Bribery Policy

Anti Fraud Policy

Anti-Money Laundering Policy

Business Continuity Management Policy

Charging for Information Policy

Code of Conduct for Governing Body Members

Complaints Handling Policy

Contractors' Insolvency Policy

Corporate Performance Management Policy

Compliance with Construction (Design and Management) Regulations Policy

Conflict of Interest Policy

Data Protection Policy

Delegated Authority Policy

Entitlements Payments & Benefits Policy

Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Policy

Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Charter

Freedom of Information Policy

Financial Regulations Policy

Governing Body Members Expenses Policy

Governing Body Membership Policy

Health, Safety and Wellbeing Policy

Information Risk Management Policy

Information Security Policy

Membership Policy

Notifiable Events Policy

Procurement Policy

Redress Policy

Risk Management

Senior Officer Renumeration Policy

Serious Complaint Against the Chief Executive

Staff Code of Conduct

Standing Orders

Treasury Management Policy

Unacceptable Actions Policy

Whistleblowing Policy