The Former Bellsmyre Housing Association

On 1st November 2020 Bellsmyre Housing Association transferred their engagements to Caledonia Housing Association.  The transfer of engagements was approved by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) giving Caledonia full responsibility for the homes and services that were previously provided by Bellsmyre Housing Association.


Services Arrangements in Bellsmyre now provided by Caledonia Housing Association

There will be no immediate change to the service arrangements for Bellsmyre tenants and factored customers with Caledonia continuing to provide services through the existing staff team based at Bellsmyre.

Connect, our app and online portal, will continue to provide you with access to all your tenancy information and the ability to check rent balances, pay your rent, report repairs and more.

This website provides all information about Caledonia, your tenancy and our services. It is very similar to Bellsmyre’s website. 

  • You can report repairs using our online form
  • The downloads tab at the top of the website on the far right is our online library to all tenant newsletters, reports, policies, performance information and surveys. 
  • Within the tenant section you will find information relating to your tenancy including information on ways to pay your rent, benefits, welfare reform and repairs and maintenance information. 
  • Lastly the Contact Us tab contains all the contact details you will need for reporting a repair or fault or getting in touch about your tenancy.

For all our latest news and updates follow us on social media @CaledoniaHA on Facebook and @Caledonia_HA on twitter

Our Customer Solutions team are available 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday on 0800 678 1228 or by emailing 

Out of hours Emergency Repairs can be reported to BR24 on 0800 783 7937


Background to the Transfer of Engagements


Bellsmyre Housing Association operated as a subsidiary of the Caledonia Housing Association Group from April 2016 until late 2020.  On 1st November 2020 Bellsmyre Housing Association officially completed a Transfer of Engagements to Caledonia Housing Association and ceased to exist as a Housing Association.  

The Transfer of Engagements took place after a successful tenant ballot where tenants voted in favour of the transfer. The ballot was the culmination of over 18 months’ of consultation with Bellsmyre tenants about the necessity of the transfer to deliver the significant investment needed in the area. 

The extensive consultation process ensured the business plan, transfer proposals and £30 million regeneration program were focused on the priorities the Bellsmyre customers and residents told us during the consultations. These included strengthening the ability to invest in the service improvement, housing stock, the regneration program and maintenance priorities that meet the needs and aspirations of tenants.

The Bellsmyre community is located in Dumbarton with over 1,000 homes now a part of Caledonia Housing Association's stock and under Caledonia Housing Association management.