What is Association Membership?

We encourage all tenants, residents and service users to become members. Membership is also open to members of the wider community as well as local groups and organisations who share an interest in our aims and activities.

What does membership entitle you to do?

As a member you’ll be invited to attend our Annual General Meeting (AGM) and any Special General Meetings. This enables you to vote on any relevant matters that are being decided upon. At the AGM, this includes the election of members to serve on our voluntary Management Board. (If you are unable to attend the meeting you can appoint someone to vote on your behalf by proxy).

If you wish, you can also stand for election to the Management Board. The Board establishes our aims and priorities for the year. It meets ten times a year to consider progress against these and make decisions about a range of other issues relating to our business. We have a separate leaflet that describes the role of our Board, and how you can become a Board member.

All members receive our periodic newsletter, keeping them up to date on our work throughout the year. They also receive a copy of our Annual Report and Accounts, providing a yearly detailed overview of our activities and finances