How to Take Part: You can Take Part in the following ways

Registered Tenant Groups

Registered Tenants Organisations/Resident Groups

Caledonia holds a list of registered tenants associations which details the name of the association, the area it covers, a contact address and a time table of the meetings. A tenants organisation cannot be registered unless it has a written constitution which is accessible to existing and prospective members, Caledonia staff and the general public. However we will consult with and offer advice and support to all registered and non-registered resident and tenant groups.


Sheltered Stakeholders

Sheltered Stakeholders Meetings

It is essential that we effectively communicate and consult with our sheltered tenants and their relatives/carers on a regular basis. Tenants, their families, carers and staff meet and talk about issues affecting their scheme, service delivery, information and activities or wider local issues. Where appropriate, we may invite amenity tenants (accommodation for 50 years plus) living close by.


Tenant and Residents Groups

Tenant/Resident Groups

Resident or tenant groups who do not wish to become registered will still be consulted with and receive support and assistance from the Tenant Participation Officer.