Tenant Scrutiny Panel

When tenants or residents want to become even more involved and are prepared to make a commitment to study, we will actively encourage and support them to complete the Chartered Institute of Housing Level 2 Certificate in Housing. With this qualification, individuals will be invited to join the Tenant Scrutiny Panel.

The Panel will have several key roles within the participation process:

  • to act as a challenge to the Association
  • to assess and act on the feedback from the group events and surveys, and through these discussions
  • ensure that the Association’s responses reflect our customers’ priorities and understanding of service delivery
  • to review the annual tenant participation action plan
  • to act as the Editorial Panel for the Annual Tenant Participation Newsletter

If this is something you think you might be interested in please contact Lara Allan on 01382 484510 or email lara.allan@caledoniaha.co.uk