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In October 2018 Antonine Housing Association the transferred their engagements to Caledonia Housing Association.  The transfer of engagements was approved by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) giving Caledonia full responsibility for the homes and services that were previously provided by Antonine.

In June 2019 the Scottish Housing Regulator confirmed that the former Antonine Housing Association had been formally deregistered following its transfer to Caledonia Housing Association in October 2018.

From 1st April 2019 our Kirkintilloch office will be open Monday mornings (9am to 12pm), Wednesday afternoons (130pm to 5pm) and all day on Fridays 9am to 430pm).  Since taking over the office we have found that very few tenants are visiting, apart from on Fridays, when some tenants make a regular trip to the office to make payments, most residents seem to prefer using the telephone to request a service or to contact staff.

Although the office may be closed, other than the times mentioned, we will maintain a full time staff presence and service in the Kirkintilloch area. Staff will continue to use the office as a base and will be available for residents five days a week, either when the office is open or on the telephone or at their homes. When the telephone lines are busy at the office, these divert to 0800 678 1228.

This website provides all former Antonine Tenants and Factored Owners with the information and details you will need to know about Caledonia, your tenancy and our services. 

The downloads tab at the top of the website on the far right is our online library to all tenant newsletters, reports, policies, performance information and surveys. 

Within the tenant section you will find information relating to your tenancy including information on ways to pay your rent, benefits, welfare reform and repairs and maintenance information. 

You can report repairs online using our online form by clicking here

Lastly the Contact Us tab contains all the contact details you will need for reporting a repair or fault or getting in touch about your tenancy. We've also put this information below for you 



Any EMERGENCY REPAIRS out with office hours so Monday to Thursday 5pm to 9am and Friday from 4pm until 9am Monday are classed as OUT OF HOURS EMERGENCY REPAIRS and should be reported to BR24 on 0800 783 7937

Our out of hours calls are handled by one call handler BR24. When contacted BR24 will make arrangements for contractors to attend to emergency repairs. BR24 will also contact Caledonia Housing Association staff if the situation is serious.