Olympic Tenant Torchbearer

Caledonia Tenant becomes Torchbearer

Date Posted: 12th of June 2012

A tenant of Caledonia Housing Association will proudly carry the Olympic Torch through her hometown of Perth  today.

On day 24 of the Olympic Torch Relay, Emma McIntyre, 28, will be 1 of only 8,000 inspirational people from across the UK to undertake a truly once-in-a-lifetime experience and become a Torchbearer.

On discovering that Emma was to be a Torchbearer, Caledonia approached Emma to congratulate her on her achievement.

Emma lives in Perth with her partner Mike and is Mum and Step-mum to 6 children. Emma progressed from a Parent Drop-in at her children's school to a Numeracy group gaining an SQA qualification, and a Communications Group where, despite being assessed as dyslexic she also achieved a qualification. Creative Writing, Personal Development and Photography courses soon followed.

Emma won a Scotland's Adult Learning Partnership Award at this year's national awards ceremony in Glasgow. Out of 400 nominations, she was one of 9 winners. She takes her family to Family Learning activities and has encouraged her partner to join the Men & Children Matter activities. Emma represents other parents on the North Perth Community Schools User Group, promoting learning opportunities to the wider community.

Chief Executive, Julie Cosgrove said, “The Association is a hugely proud of Emma and all that she has achieved in becoming a great advocate for lifelong learning."

Emma has overcome many personal and family issues to become an outgoing and enthusiastic young woman who wants the best for her family and is a positive role model for them and others.

Emma will be carrying the torch through Perth starting at 14.55pm today.

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