Complaints Handling Procedure

New Complaints Handling Procedure goes live

Date Posted: 1st of October 2012

Our new Complaints Handling Procedure goes live today.

Caledonia Housing Association is committed to providing quality services that meet the individual needs of all who seek our assistance, support or advice. We set high standards and strive for excellence in all that we do. We also acknowledge the similarly high expectations of our tenants and other customers.

We know however, there can be occasions where we fall short of our standards or do not fully meet these expectations. This Complaints Handling Procedure is designed to help us resolve any customer dissatisfaction quickly and as close to the point of service delivery as possible. It is underpinned by our commitment to valuing and learning from complaints.

This procedure has been developed by The Scottish Public Services Ombudsman, with significant input from those working in housing associations, to ensure a standardised approach to handling complaints across the sector. The aim is to keep service users at the heart of the process, with complaints handled quickly and effectively through thorough, impartial and fair investigations.

Resolving complaints early makes complete business sense. It will help us preserve and enhance the relationship we share with our customers; save us time and resources; and ensure Caledonia enjoys a positive public perception. With this in mind, we will train and support our staff to ensure they can achieve early resolution wherever possible.

Complaints provide a first-hand account of service users’ views and experiences, and can highlight problems that may otherwise go undetected. Handled well, complaints can provide our customers with a form of redress where things go wrong. Above all, we will use complaints to improve customer satisfaction; and to try and prevent problems that led to a complaint from happening again. We know this approach will make us better at what we do and help us as we try to continuously improve our services.

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