We are 1 this month!

We are 1 this month!

Date Posted: 3rd of October 2012

Our first year has flown by! Our formation in October 2011 following the merger between Perthshire and Servite Housing Associations was the culmination of tremendous efforts by many people working through a rigorous merger process.  With a total of 3,850 properties we are now one of the largest housing associations in Scotland. Completing the merger process was just the start of our work to create a new, stronger and more vibrant housing association.

Our achievements to date:
A new business strategy has been introduced setting out our vision. Importantly, day-to-day service standards have been maintained and good progress has been made integrating our business systems. We are well on the way to delivering the benefits set out in the merger proposals and anticipate that targeted financial savings will be achieved during 2012/13. With tenants in mind, our new participation strategy provides a clear opportunity for residents to influence our services and business activities.  

We worked through a ‘shadow’ period in the months leading up to the merger to ensure a full set of Caledonia’s high level governance policies, and its Board and Committee structure, was in place for the merger date. This helped with the seamless transition of business to Caledonia Housing Association.

Notable achievements in Caledonia’s first six months included a highly successful bid for affordable housing funding from the Scottish Government, which translated into six new projects on site in 2012/13; and the establishment of our Customer Services Centre. As the Centre continues to develop, it will provide a top class service in dealing swiftly and efficiently with enquiries and service requests from tenants and members of the public.

Caledonia’s new website has been established. Intensive consultation with residents allowed a new Tenant Participation Strategy to be approved. Vital IT integration work, required to support key service developments operational from 1 April, was completed successfully and on time. Our need to harmonise existing loan arrangements was successfully completed by our Finance Team, in conjunction with our lenders.

The selection and appointment of existing staff to the new integrated staffing structure was completed without recourse to compulsory redundancy, and in a spirit of co-operation and provision of full information. Resources at senior staff level were committed to the prompt filling of vacant posts in the structure once existing staff had secured their positions. Caledonia remains highly committed to maintaining good communications and information flow to all of its employees; and has established and sustained a range of communications methods for achieving this objective.

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