Helen Smith & Jean Mitchell CHA Volunteers

Volunteering with Caledonia

Date Posted: 11th of February 2013

Caledonia Housing Association has established a volunteer programme in Dundee with funding from Reshaping Care for Older People Capacity Building Fund. The aim is to widen the choice of social activities available to tenants living in sheltered housing schemes through the services of volunteers.

Over the years the face of volunteering has changed dramatically. Today we see people from all backgrounds volunteering; young people; disabled people, more men than ever before; retired and unemployed people.

Helen Smith and Jean Mitchell are prime examples of tenants who volunteer their time each week to help provide the varied social activities available in Martingale Gardens sheltered housing scheme. They support their social committee to organise reminiscence groups and bingo, or fund-raising to enable other tenants to take part in weekly Tai Chi and seated aerobic sessions.

Volunteering is a two way relationship, many volunteers get a great deal of intrinsic reward through helping someone else. If you can spare a few hours a week or fortnight, why don’t you contact our Volunteer Coordinator for more information on 01382 237179 or email: gary.flew@caledoniaha.co.uk.

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