Learning from Complaints

Learning from Complaints

Date Posted: 4th of March 2013

Every quarter we take the opportunity to share information about the complaints we have recently received, what they tell us about areas where we can improve our services, and what we plan to do as a result.

Between 1st October and 31st December, we received a total of 161 complaints. Out of these:

  • only 2 fell into the “more complicated or needed further investigation” complaint category (handled at Stage 2 in our procedure). In both of these cases, we responded within the required 20 day timescale.
  • In 84.4% of the other cases (complaints we dealt with under Stage 1 of our procedure) we responded within the required 5 day timescale.
  • 79.4% of Stage 1 complaints and 100% of the Stage 2 complaints were upheld

We are taking a more in-depth look at the specifics of these complaints. We know for example, that the quality and standard of our caretaking service has caused some dissatisfaction, while issues about our repairs service and planned maintenance works have also been raised.

In relation to our caretaking service, we are actively monitoring standards in a number of locations on an ongoing basis and raising relevant quality issues with the caretakers concerned. We are also looking to pilot an enhanced mobile caretaker service in the North East and Highland area of Perthshire to improve service delivery further.

We have made our contractors aware of the complaints relating to our repairs service and planned maintenance works, and taken steps to remind them of our expectations – and those of our tenants.

Other complaints raised a variety of localised, low-level issues, and revealed no particular patterns or trends. We will add these to the information collected about the complaints we handle in the months ahead with a view to identifying any service specific matters that we need to address.

The real benchmark of our success is the level of satisfaction expressed by our tenants, residents and other service users. We use all feedback to help us further improve what we do and how we do it. We would also be delighted to hear what you think we have done well. Please take time to share your views with us.

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