How Well Are We Doing?

How Well Are We Doing?

Date Posted: 21st of March 2013

Here’s our regular overview of key results, this time covering the period April- December 2012.

• We completed 1,490 emergency repairs,

  • 97.9% (1,459) of these were completed within our target timescale
    of 6 hours.

• We also completed 3,865 repairs that were classed as urgent or routine jobs,

  • 96.3% (3,722) of these were completed within our target
    timescales of 4 and 10 days.

• On average we took 10 days to complete repairs required in empty properties.

• 94.7% of those who responded to our survey told us they were satisfied with the repairs service. When someone tells us they are not satisfied, we treat this as a complaint and take the necessary actions to put things right.

• Current gas safety certificates were in place for every property that requires one.

Commenting on these results, Operations Director Tim Calderbank explained, “New repairs contractors have been in place since 1st October. In general, they quickly familiarised themselves with our working arrangements, expectations and stock and have been able to meet the targets set. We know however, there have been times that contractors have not met the required standards. We have met with senior contractor officials and have sought explanations for these occurrences. We have advised that their future performance will be closely monitored.”

• 7% (229 ) of our properties became available for relet,

o We met our target timescales for reletting our general needs, sheltered and very sheltered accommodation. On average it took us 19 days to relet our properties. Our current target is a maximum of 20 days.

• We lost 0.35% of rental income (around £ 37,000 ) due to properties being empty. This was well within our target of less than 1%.

• 95% of new tenants are still with us after one year.

• At the end of December, 3.59% of the rent due to us by current tenants was outstanding. This was partly due to significant amounts of Housing Benefit being owed to us.

Tim added, “We continue to liaise with our local council colleagues to make sure Housing Benefit payments are up to date. We are also trying to provide as much advice and support as possible to tenants who have difficulty keeping up with rent payments. Changes to the welfare benefits system are soon to take effect and this will bring new challenges both for us and a number of our tenants. We are spending time making sure those who will be affected know what these changes are, what difference they will make and when they will happen.”

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any concerns about the welfare benefits changes and how these might impact on you and your ability to maintain your rent payments. What do you think – we know there is always room for improvement, but what would you like to see us do better?

Let us know your views. We’d also like to hear from you if: there is particular information you would like us to publish about our results. You would like to share your experience of using our services. You would like to study our performance results in more detail. Contact us by telephone, email or through our website. Visit us in person, or find us on Twitter and Facebook.

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