Rent Free Weeks Explained

Rent Free Weeks Explained

Date Posted: 21st of May 2013

Rent Free Weeks – 53-week year

This is a reminder and note for tenants who rent our properties, it does not apply to residents who have an occupancy agreement, i.e. people who own or part-own their home or those who reside in our Care Home.

There are usually 52 weeks in a standard year, however, our annual rent calendar and our rent is collected over 48 weeks. To account for this the Association has two 'rent free' periods of two weeks each in summer and at Christmas.

This year (2013/14) is unusual in that there are 53 weeks in the year. As a consequence the Association will have three 'rent free' periods totalling five weeks. The exact dates of the “rent free” periods are the weeks commencing:






If you pay by direct debit this will have been set up to take account of this and you should not have to make any adjustments. If your rent is paid by Housing Benefit, this will also be adjusted by your Local Authority. If you pay by any other means, bank standing order or Allpay card, you will have to make your own alterations or adjustments.

If residents have fallen behind with their rental payments we would expect that they continue to pay agreed amounts throughout these periods as this will help to reduce the amount they owe.

Please contact your Housing Officer if you have any queries about your rent account and the payments that you are due to make.

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