Who looks after your street?

Who looks after your street?

Date Posted: 15th of August 2013

Download our new guide to help you identify which Housing and Maintenance Officers look after your street.

We provide our housing management services through an area based generic approach.

In other words, different members of staff cover different locations, but should all be able to provide the same information or advice on any aspect of being a Caledonia tenant or resident.

As a quick reference our housing team cover the following:

Maintenance Officers are responsible for day to day responsive repairs service and the monitoring of contractors performance. They are also responsible for ensuring the maintenance of our estates and ensuring areas are kept in good condition.

Housing Officers are responsible for allocating properties, monitoring rent arrears and managing the estates and areas in which you live. They make sure that conditions set down in the tenancy agreement are kept to and are responsible for dealing with serious anti-social behaviour complaints.

Download your our helpful guide now.

Should you have any queries, please contact our Customer Services Team on 0800 678 1228.

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