Tenant Survey Results 2012/13

Tenant Satisfaction Survey 2013 - The Results

Date Posted: 23rd of August 2013

In order to establish a base level of performance for the Association for 2012/13 a satisfaction survey form was sent to all 3,305 of the Association’s households along with the spring newsletter that was issued in March.

398 responses were received, representing a response rate of 12%, which was broadly in line with expectations for a survey of this nature. The survey was based on the ten set satisfaction questions in the Scottish Housing Regulator’s guidance that specifically apply to the Association.

Tenants had the option of returning completed surveys through the Association’s ‘Freepost’ address or completing them online using SurveyMonkey questionnaire software. The results were input and analysed in detail and a full break down of results from each question are outlined within the following results report.

Click here to download the whole results report.

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