Business Planning 2014-19

Developing our Business Plan 2014-19

Date Posted: 10th of December 2013

At the heart of the Association’s business strategy is a commitment to achieving excellence in everything we do with a clear focus on customer excellence, building new homes, making sure we are a strong and well managed business and investing in the skills of our staff team and Management Board.

Each year in our Business Plan we set out how we intend to deliver our strategy. As part of this review we look in detail at issues in our wider environment that could have an impact on the Association. We also consider our strengths and weakness to see if there are aspects of our work that we could improve and also if there are opportunities we could take advantage of.

Looking at the wider world, for example, we know that changes in the welfare benefits system could have a major impact on the Association and our tenants. Also, the introduction of the Scottish Social Housing Charter will raise the bar for social housing providers as regards the quality of the services that they provide. We are confident however that we can meet the many challenges that are out there for the Association whilst also making our organisation stronger.

Over the coming months we will be developing proposals for our new Business Plan with a view to this being considered for approval by the Management Board in February 2014. We would be very interested to hear from you if you have thoughts and ideas on the issues that we should prioritise in the new business plan – just contact us in one of the usual ways.

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