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Join Caledonia on their Housing Charter Journey

Date Posted: 28th of October 2014

Caledonia Housing Association tenants and customers will receive their easy to understand Housing Charter Journey Planner this week.

To meet the requirements set out by the Scottish Housing Regulator their report provides their assessment of how well they are achieving each of the 14 Charter outcomes that apply to the Association. They have also identified areas where they think they can make improvements and the actions they intend to carry out to achieve these.

Much thought and consultation went into the design and content of the report, particular emphasis was placed on the views of the tenants in terms of ensuring that the report was easy to read, relevant and understandable. This included consultation with a tenant focus group as well as direction from Caledonia’s Tenant Scrutiny Panel whom were the driving force behind the ‘easy to navigate’ planner.

The Association’s simple fold-out road map design reflects Caledonia’s forward-thinking approach to its long-term success within housing – planning for the journey ahead and driving change.

Download their report here.

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