newhouse road regeneration

Tenants 'at the heart' of Caledonia's Letham housing plans

Date Posted: 10th of June 2015

Following a consultation period, residents have shown strong support for Caledonia Housing Association’s regeneration proposals for Newhouse Road, despite the disruption the work will cause over the next three years. The Association has been keen to discuss this with residents and will seek to minimise the impact.
During the consultation in 2014, tenants from Newhouse Road reaffirmed the need for the regeneration.

The proposals will see the refurbishment of 69 homes and introduce 15 new homes. The move comes after consultation with the community, with Caledonia staff carrying out face-to-face visits to every tenant in nearby homes and also issuing surveys.

Julie Cosgrove, Caledonia’s Chief Executive said, “Tenants are at the heart of everything we do and all tenants and residents affected by these proposals will be fully informed to help make the whole process stress free and uncomplicated. I believe that this regeneration strategy is the best way to ensure we can bring the changes people have told us they want to the area, including more high-quality housing; tackling anti-social behaviour and improving the community.

Dedicated Officers will be available to support tenants through the whole moving process where they will receive timely, one-to-one advice on their housing needs and options. As well as financial support and advice from on-site Caledonia staff, notice boards and consultation.

This is an exciting time for Caledonia, our plans recognise the need to provide new homes, invest in our existing homes and to support vibrant communities. I hope the community engage with this process so that we can reach solutions that meet their needs and reinvigorate the Newhouse Road community."

Work is due to begin later in the year once the main contractor is appointed.

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