New Equalities and Diversity Policy Statement Launched

Date Posted: 8th of September 2015

“The concepts of equality and diversity define Caledonia’s very origins and what we strive to achieve through all that we do.” This was the message of Chief Executive, Julie Cosgrove, when asked about the Group’s new Equalities and Diversity Policy Statement. Developed with the involvement of staff and tenants groups, the Policy covers the role of the Caledonia as a landlord, service provider and employer and applies to all our activities.

It is also equally relevant to all Board and Committee members, and confirms what we expect from all our contractors and anyone else we work with. “The idea was to keep it simple,” Julie explained. “We wanted it to be based around a set of clear commitments that would be easily understood by everyone.”

She added, “The Policy has the key aims of ensuring respect, fairness and understanding, valuing diversity and eliminating discrimination. Fourteen commitments have been designed to ensure we meet these aims.

These include making sure all our services are accessible, continuing to improve our understanding of the needs of tenants and other customers, and ensuring we are able to respond appropriately to these. Providing staff with knowledge and skills is an essential part of this and will help them provide the best possible customer service.”

A commitment is also made to promote the Policy statement widely. Copies will be displayed at our offices and in all other public reception points. It is also available online through our website. 

A programme of activities is in place and will guide our equalities and diversity work during 2015/16. Contact us for further information, or email equalities@caledoniaha.co.uk

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