Revised Common Allocations Policy

Date Posted: 30th of September 2015

A Common Housing Register is operated in Perth and Kinross by a partnership of the Council, Caledonia Housing Association and Hillcrest Housing Association.

Collectively the three social landlords manage a housing stock of more than 10,000 affordable homes and have a major impact in meeting housing need locally.

Operating a common housing register (CHR) means that there is a single point of access for housing applicants regardless of the organisation they approach for assistance, thereby improving access to social housing.

Our Common Allocation Policy (CAP) underpins the CHR. It is instrumental in ensuring that partners meet all legislative and regulatory requirements surrounding the allocation of housing, as well as ensuring that those in the greatest housing need have fair and efficient access to affordable housing.

The policy must be legally compliant with various legislation and ensure open and fair access to housing. Since 2010, there have been a number of national and local changes which impact on the current CAP - the Housing Scotland Act (2014), the requirements of the Scottish Social Housing Charter, the impact of Welfare Reform and also changes in local priorities and demands.

In response to these changes, the three landlords are in the process of revising and updating the CAP for Perth and Kinross.

A  Summary of the revised CAP  is available to view.

The  Entire draft CAP  is also available to view.

The draft policy is due to be put before the Council's Housing and Health Committee and the Boards of both Caledonia and Hillcrest early in 2016 for approval.

If you have any comments on the revised CAP, or if you would like further information, please call 01738 476000 or email

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