Caledonia Housing Association Steps Up Value For Money Drive with HouseMark Scotland Membership

Date Posted: 22nd of June 2016

Caledonia Housing Association has become the newest member of HouseMark Scotland, joining the other Scotland-based registered social landlords who use the HouseMark business intelligence tool.

Julie Cosgrove, Chief Executive of Caledonia Housing Association, said:
”Providing excellent services that are also value for money from our tenants’ perspective is a key strategic objective for the association. As a result of being a HouseMark member, we are able to use the HouseMark business intelligence tool to fully understand what drives service delivery costs, and value across the association. Another benefit of the HouseMark membership is the ability to benchmark our performance against a wide range of other registered social landlords across Scotland and the UK in relation to service costs and performance, and to use this information to inform our value for money service review programme.”

Head of HouseMark Scotland Kirsty Wells commented:
“We are delighted to welcome Caledonia Housing Association to our growing roster of Scottish members. In the context of increasing regulator scrutiny and with budgets under ongoing pressure, more and more Scottish social landlords are recognising the crucial importance of high quality data and business insight to addressing the key challenges they face. Given the level of detail our cost benchmarking now offers and with a growing range of other member services available, there has never been a better time to look at becoming a member of HouseMark Scotland.”

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