New! Significant Performance Failures (SPF) Fact Sheet Available Now

Date Posted: 30th of September 2016

The Scottish Housing Regulator has updated its factsheet about Significant Performance Failures (SPFs) to make it as helpful as possible for tenants.

The factsheet explains to tenants how they can identify and report an SPF to the Regulator. It also includes a step by step guide on what the Regulator will do when tenants report an SPF to it.
SPFs are a way for tenants to raise serious concerns when their landlord’s action, or failure to take action, puts tenants’ interests at risk. An SPF significantly affects a number of the landlord’s tenants. An SPF is not an individual tenant complaint about services.

An SPF could happen where a landlord fails to carry out health and safety requirements, such as annual gas safety checks, or does not maintain tenants’ homes or carry out repairs in line with its legislative duties and published policies.

Christine Macleod, Director of Regulation (Governance and Performance), said: “It’s important that tenants know how they can report to us a Significant Performance Failure. Our factsheet explains what a Significant Performance Failure might be and how to contact us.

“We’ve spoken to our panel of Tenant Advisors and our Registered Tenant Organisation Liaison Group to get views on what would make the factsheet user-friendly. We hope tenants find it helpful.”

Copies of the leaflet are available in our Perth & Dundee offices or can be downloaded by clicking here 

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