Caledonia 2016 Charter Report Available NOW!

Date Posted: 28th of October 2016

The 2016 Caledonia Housing Association Charter Report is on its way to all our tenants and customers alongside a copy of our autumn newsletter.

This year's Charter Report has been laid out in an an easy to read format detailing how well we have performed over 2015-16.

Caledonia are delighted that the Charter Report details our accomplishment of all outcomes assessed.

To meet the requirements set out by the Scottish Housing Regulator our report provides our assessment of how well we are achieving each of the 14 Charter outcomes that apply to the Association. We have also identified areas where we think we can make improvements and the actions we intend to carry out to achieve these.

To view a copy of the 2016 Caledonia Charter Report please click here

Click the word newsletter to read a copy of our autumn newsletter.

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