Common Housing Allocations Policy consultation

Date Posted: 9th of December 2016

Angus Council and the Common Housing Register partners (Angus Council; Hillcrest Housing Association Ltd; Caledonia Housing Association Ltd; and Blackwood Homes) are consulting with as many people as possible about the changes we are proposing to make to our Common Housing Allocations Policy.
We will consult with people about these changes for 5 weeks from 7th December to 11th January.

The “Common Housing Allocations Policy” sets out:
• how to register for housing;
• how we will assess and prioritise bids for housing based on housing needs;
• how we will advertise available homes to meet the needs of housing applicants on our Common Housing Register

The key changes being proposed are:
• introducing a choice based lettings approach, advertising our available properties instead of matching offers to applicants on our waiting list;
• changing how we will prioritise applications, in line with changes in legislation;
• changing when we will suspend applications from being able to bid on or receive offers of housing;
• changing the circumstances when we will make an offer of a short Scottish secure tenancy

To find out more about the background to the proposed changes you can read the summary document here 
You can access the full proposed draft allocations policy here 

Have your say on the proposed changes in the following ways:
Complete our online survey:

Write to us:
Common Housing Allocations Policy Consultation
Strategic Housing Team
William Wallace House
Orchard Bank Business Park
Orchard Loan
Telephone us: 01307 474767
Email us:

What happens after the consultation?
The consultation will close on 11 January 2017. A summary of the results on the proposed changes will be published on Angus Council’s website by the end of January.
The council and partners will work on a final version of the Common Housing Allocations Policy which will be informed by the views expressed through the consultation.
The relevant boards and Committees will consider the final draft of the Common Housing Allocations Policy in February with a report outlining the outcomes from the consultation and how these have been considered in the final draft of the policy. The boards and Committees will then decide whether to approve and adopt the policy. If the revised policy is approved, the council and its partners will then put in place the relevant actions and changes needed to adopt the policy including new systems and procedures. If adopted, the council and partners will work towards implementing the revised Common Housing Allocations Policy by late Summer 2017.

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