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Date Posted: 16th of December 2016

We are constantly looking to improve the services we provide to tenants and customers and to do this we want to know what you think. At this time of the year our attention turns to rent and we need your input and opinions to help shape our 2017 Rent decisions.
Our current Rents Setting Policy, available to download from our website, sets out our approach to the rents and service charges we collect from our residents. The policy details the principles on which rent charges are based, how rent increases are calculated, what consultation is undertaken when increasing rent charges and how tenants and customers are informed about what they have to pay.
The main aims of the current policy are:
• Affordability - rents are affordable for everyone;
• Viability - enough income is generated to meet all financial requirements including the costs of managing and maintaining the homes;
• Fairness - there is a fair system of setting rents for different types of property;
• Comparability - rents are consistent with comparable rents charged by similar social landlords in similar circumstances; and
• Fair and accountable service charges - service charge costs are set and collected in a fair and accountable manner

We review the policy each year and it is our view that it has delivered on these aims and does not require any changes. This view is based on:
• For the last five years our comparative rent increases have been lower than other Associations and significantly lower than the national average.
• Last year our rent increase was 1%; the Scottish average was 1.88%.
• Last year 91% of our residents indicated that our rents offered value for money, the Scottish average was 79%.
• Last year we collected 100.3% of the rent that was due.
• In 2015/16 we invested £3.7 million on maintaining our homes, we also built 67 new affordable homes for rent.
• The Scottish Housing Regulator endorsed our approach to affordability and how we consult with our tenants.

However, we are constantly looking to improve the services we provide to tenants and customers and we want to know what you think. If you would like to forward a comment about the Rent Policy please get in touch via
• email
• Phone 01738 474801
• Or write to the following address:

Replies should be returned by 3rd January, 2017 and will be entered into a £50.00 voucher prize draw.

Thank you in advance – we really do need and value your opinions in helping us shape our policies and procedures.

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