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Requesting Tender Responses for Organisational Review

Date Posted: 12th of September 2017

Since the formation of Caledonia Housing Assiociation the organisation has changed considerably. In 2011 CHA had approximately 3,800 properties in management we now have 5,500 in the Group today, which is a growth rate of just under 50%.

As such we are looking to review our organisational structure to ensure optimum performance; we would look to the appointed consultants to provide us with a detailed report covering four stages to be considered by all governing body members.

This would cover the following:

  • A vision for the proposed new structural arrangements and associated costs with the recommendation
  • Details of the changes to the job roles and new positions created or posts removed and associated costs
  • Actions and issues to be considered in relation to being an employer with systems and staff adaptable to the needs of a 21st century customer
  • Implementation actions plan and support to the Executive Management Team including timeline which accords with our business plan and associated costs

To note an interest, please email or refer to the Consultants Brief or Response Template.

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