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Estates Team Clean Up as Caledonia Housing Association 500 Faces Fundraising Champions

Date Posted: 14th of December 2017

Earlier this year Caledonia signed up to be one of Tay FMs 500 faces; pledging to raise £100 to support Cash for Kids in Tayside and Fife by the end of 2017. Fundraising began with a dress down day across the organisation. The estates team at Newhouse Road in Perth got behind the worthwhile cause and set about their own fund raising. The eagle eyed team started collecting all change found while doing their rounds and estate work. This in conjunction with the dress down day has meant Caledonia Housing Association has raised £123.55 for Tay FMs Cash for Kids 500 faces appeal.

Everything Cash for Kids do is for the benefit of children and young people. With all cash raised locally and spent locally their focus is on alleviating disability, combating illness and improving quality of life.

Caledonia would like to say well done to everyone from the Caledonia team that has been involved in fundraising for this worthwhile charity with a special thanks to Ian Young our Estates Operative for his continuous fund raising efforts.

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