NEW Group Business Plan

Caledonia Group Business Plan Summary

Date Posted: 14th of May 2019

Each year we a produce a Business Plan that details the strategic priorities for our organisation over the next five years. Over recent months we have been working closely with members of the Caledonia Management Board, the Cordale and Bellsmyre Management Committees and the Tenant Scrutiny Panel to develop our new Business Plan for the period 2019-24. This year we have developed a single combined Business Plan for the Group’s three Associations. As well as setting out our key strategic objectives across the Group, it includes information on specific local operational priorities relating to Cordale, Bellsmyre and Caledonia.

The new Plan was approved by the each of the governing bodies in February after detailed consideration of the wide range of issues that influence our work and also what our priorities should be. The Plan details 8 specific strategic initiatives that will be taken forward across the Group:

 Our Customer 1st programme – this relates to our existing aim to modernise and improve the way we deliver services for our tenants and many other customers, including making the best use of new technology.
 Providing 1000 new homes in 5 years – this is our existing commitment to build 1000 new affordable homes for people in housing need by 2022.
 The Bellsmyre regeneration programme – we have developed a plan to comprehensively regenerate the Bellsmyre area by demolishing approximately 250 low demand homes and replacing these with 180 new build 2 storey homes with individual garden spaces; we will consult in detail with local residents on these plans.
 Implementing the Group Asset Management Strategy – this document sets out how we intend to invest in our existing homes to ensure their long term quality and sustainability and tenant satisfaction with their homes.
 Rent policy and structure review – we recognise that rent affordability is very important for our tenants across the Group and we intend to review our existing rent arrangements to help identify possible options for a new structure that would be fair, open, transparent and easy to understand.
 Delivering sustainable services – this relates to our existing aim to review how best to provide our housing support and other ancillary services to ensure that these meet the needs of our tenants and customers whilst also demonstrating long term affordability and sustainability.
 Antonine Partnership – in October last year Antonine became part of Caledonia. The transfer proposals involved specific commitments made to Antonine’s tenants, ensuring these are successfully delivered will be a key priority.
 Review of the Group’s Governance arrangements – this will involve looking at ways that we could modernise and strengthen governance across the Group by simplifying practice, improving decision making and removing overlapping responsibilities, whilst also ensuring accountability to our tenants and Association members.

A summary version of the Group Business Plan is available here and also on request from any of our Caledonia, Cordale and Bellsmyre Offices. In you would like to know more about the Business Plan please contact us by popping into one of our offices or calling our central number 0800 6781228.

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