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September Bank Holiday Weekend Opening

Date Posted: 27th of September 2019

Our Caledonia office are always open Monday to Friday throughout the year apart from our Christmas closure.

In comparison, our subsidiaries, Cordale & Bellsmyre and the Kirkintilloch office follow the bank holidays and are regularly closed for these public holidays throughout the year, including this Friday and Monday for the September bank holidays. 

However we are harnessing the power of the Group and as such we have a number of staff working in the West today and on Monday to enable two out of three offices to continue running.  The Bellsmyre office will be closed however the phones for Bellsmyre will be answered at Cordale - it is just that there will be no staff in the Bellsmyre Office on Friday and Monday.

This demonstrates the extra service benefits of being part of a large Group of organisations. Go team Cale!

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