co-wheels at Muirton charging point

Electric Car Sharing Launches in Muirton

Date Posted: 30th of September 2019

We are delighted to have taken delivery of an electric car for Muirton, Perth which will be run and operated by car club social enterprise Co-wheels. The initiative was made possible through community benefit contributions by the developer for the Muirton Park regeneration, Urban Union.

The launch event, on Friday, saw the electric car arrive in Muirton with local Muirton and Perth residents given the opportunity to see the car and sign up as Co-wheels car club members. The membership is free of charge for a limited period and residents were given £25 of free driving credit.

Co-wheels, who will manage the car club in Muirton for Caledonia Housing Association, operate a pay-as-you-go car hire scheme, with the Muirton car providing a cheaper, greener and more convenient alternative to owning and using your own car.

Co-wheels cover everything, including insurance, cleaning, servicing and refuelling - members just book a car when needed and drive away! With cars available for booking for 30 minutes to days at a time, members only pay for the hire time and distance driven. Booking is available via Co-wheels website or by calling Co-wheels, using smartcards to access the car - no need for keys. At the end of a booking, the car is simply returned to its Muirton charging bay.

Julie Cosgrove, Caledonia Housing Association Chief Executive, commented:
“Caledonia Housing Association’s ethos is to provide homes and services that make life better. The Muirton electric car club is a brilliant example of Caledonia working with contractors and partner organisations to invest in an innovative community benefit; providing tenants and the wider Muirton community with access to a cheaper and more convenient alternative to owning and using your own car. We are delighted be able to launch this initiative in Muirton and hope both Muirton residents, and the wider Perth community, reap the benefit of this great initiative ”

Tony Archer, Co-wheels Scottish Manager said:
“Co-wheels is delighted to be working in partnership with Caledonia Housing Association to provide residents with a car at Muirton in Perth. We hope local residents will find it useful and that it will encourage more people to consider using a car club vehicle when they need access to a car rather than maintaining one just for occasional use.”

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