Annual Assurance Statement 2019

Date Posted: 30th of October 2019

First Annual Assurance Statement Published

The Caledonia Housing Association Group, comprising Caledonia, Cordale and Bellsmyre Housing Associations, has published its first Annual Assurance Statement.

The Scottish Housing Regulator (SHR) introduced the requirement for all Scottish social landlords to produce an Annual Assurance Statement as part of its updated (2019) Regulatory Framework. The Group embraced this as part of its commitment to demonstrating it is well managed, financially strong and delivers good outcomes for tenants and customers.

In the Statement the Group confirms that it complies with all relevant regulatory requirements; the Regulatory Standards of Governance and Financial Management; the relevant standards and outcomes of the Scottish Social Housing Charter; and its statutory obligations in respect of tenant and resident safety, housing and homelessness and equalities and human rights. It also acknowledges it has identified some governance improvement actions that will be progressed in the year ahead.

The Statement is a declaration made by the Group Governing Bodies. The Management Board of Caledonia and the Committees of Cordale and Bellsmyre, reached their conclusions following an extensive review of a wide range of evidence. The Governing Bodies were assisted in this work by the Tenant Scrutiny Panel.

The Statement has been signed by Caledonia’s Chair on behalf of the Group and submitted to SHR; and we are making it available to tenants and other service users.



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