Freedom of Information Arrives

Date Posted: 8th of November 2019

From 11th November 2019 Caledonia, along with all other Scottish housing associations is required to comply with Freedom of Information laws. This gives tenants, members of the public and other individuals a right to ask for information about our activities, performance and decisions. We already publish much of this information on this website, and have recently been updating this to make even more available.

As part of our commitment to openness and transparency we have always been happy to try and answer questions or provide other information about us on request. This will be no different after 11th November. Where we identify a request as being covered by Freedom of Information laws however, we are required to handle and respond to this in a certain way. Generally, this will be the case where a request concerns something that is a bit different from the routine “business as usual” requests we receive on a day to day basis. Freedom of Information is also different from Data Protection laws, which provide people with access to “personal data” (information about them) that we hold.

Where people are looking for a specific piece of information, we always suggest trying our website first as there is a good chance it will be found there. We have published a Guide to Information, which serves as a map of where everything is located on the site.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for however, please contact us. We may be able to point you in the right direction – or provide you with advice and assistance on submitting a request to obtain the information you’d like.

You can also send your request to It is helpful if you give a clear and precise description of the information you’d like.  We have a form you can use to ensure we have all the details we need.

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