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Connect to Budget Advice and New Feautres

Date Posted: 7th of July 2020

From today (7th July) our online app Connect has some great new features to make managing your tenancy and finances even easier along with a slightly new look.

Connect now has our subsidiary Cordale's logo alongside Caledonia's logo, after the app was made available to all tenants across the Caledonia Group of Housing Associations ahead of schedule at the start lock down in March.

In addition to the new logos the new ‘my budget' tool allows you to quickly and easily update your household costs and create a budget for quick, easy and simple financial planning. The 'my budget' section has a ‘help and advice’ button if you are struggling financially – this button can provide help, advice and links to support. The ‘my Budget’ feature also allows you to choose to share your budgets with your neighbourhood officer to help manage your rent payments too.

You can also now use Connect to request updates to your tenancy such as adding someone to your household. This request then goes straight to your neighbourhood officer for processing and approving.

Log in today – see if the my budget tool can save you money. Not set up a Connect account yet? It couldn’t be simpler. Search #Connect- CHAGroup to download the app or visit

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