Bellsmyre Transfer to Caledonia Concludes

Bellsmyre Transfer to Caledonia Concludes

Date Posted: 5th of November 2020

Over the last year we embarked on a journey with Bellsmyre Housing Association to transfer their engagements to Caledonia Housing Association.  This has included working with Bellsmyre while they have consulted with tenants and the wider Bellsmyre community, held a tenant ballot, an AGM and two special General Meetings. We are pleased to report that the Transfer of Engagements process has concluded this week with confirmation from the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) that the transfer of Bellsmyre Housing Association to Caledonia Housing Association was approved as of 1st November 2020.

This means that Caledonia Housing Association are now responsible for the homes and services that were provided previously by Bellsmyre Housing Association.

We are delighted to welcome Bellsmyre tenants to Caledonia Housing Association.

There will be no immediate change to the service arrangements for Bellsmyre tenants and factored customers as Caledonia will continue to provide services through the existing staff team based at Bellsmyre.

Julie Cosgrove, Chief Executive of Caledonia Housing Association expressed her delight at the transfer, welcoming Bellsmyre tenants saying: 

“I am delighted to welcome Bellsmyre’s tenants and customers to Caledonia Housing Association. I am very pleased that the outcome of our recent consultation with tenants and factoring service customers was clear and strong support for the transfer to Caledonia.

We are now at the point where transfer arrangements can start to be put in place, and our work will commence to deliver the transfer commitments that we made.

Over recent months we have been working with the local team to ensure that there is a seamless handover to Caledonia. I am confident given these preparations that you will continue to receive the same level and range of services.”

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