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Angus Choice Based Lettings Website Available Now

Date Posted: 13th of November 2020

In Angus the new choice based lettings system for council and housing association properties is now live.  You can now apply for housing online at Angus Homefinder.

The council and housing partners – Blackwood Homes, Caledonia Housing Association and Hillcrest Homes – advertise all available properties on the Angus Homefinder website.

Before bidding for these properties, you must first register by completing an application for housing. You can do this online on the Homefinder website.

Existing applicants have already been added and sent login instructions by letter.

Available homes and their details will be on the Angus Homefinder website starting Friday 27th November, so applicants can bid for the properties they want. 


Frequently Asked Questions

What documents do I need to apply for a house?

Accepted Proof of ID:

•                 Birth certificate, passport or National Insurance Card.

 Accepted Proof of Address may include, but not limited to:

•                 official letters/bills/statements from a local authority, public agency or private utility company (gas, electric, telephone), government department, private sector lease, bank or building society;

•                 photographic driving licence


What is my position on the waiting list?

We want people to have more choice about where they live. We will advertise a property and applicants will be able to bid for it. Because allocations will depend on who bids for a property, we will no longer be able to advise your position on the list. However, you will be able to see the number of bids made for each property.

Fewer bids will mean you have a better chance of getting a similar property.

More bids will mean you have less chance of getting a similar property.

We’ll allocate properties by priority banding and the date of application.

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