Caledonia Rent 2021 Increase Proposal and On-Line Survey

Caledonia Rent 2021 Increase Proposal and On-Line Survey

Date Posted: 5th of February 2021

We would like to hear from our residents about their proposed rent increase for 2021/22. A leaflet has been posted to all tenants setting out the proposal, what the rental income will be used for, comparisons with our housing associations and key actions and cost items being planned for 2021/22. A copy of the full leaflet can be found here.

We are proposing to increase rents by 0.5%, which is equal to the September rate of inflation. This will generate an extra £96,327 of rental income and the average Caledonia rent will be £81.30 per week, an average increase of 40 pence per week.

Residents can provide their feedback on the rent increase proposal by:

  • Completeing the FREEPOST reply form with the leaflet,
  • Commenting on Caledonia’s Facebook page,
  • Completing an on-line survey.  

The consultation closes on 15th February, 2021. All responses will be reported to the Caledonia Board of Management at their February meeting and entered into a prize draw for a £50 shopping voucher.



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