Resuming Services in the 2021 Lockdown Easing Levels System

Resuming Services in the 2021 Lockdown Easing Levels System

Date Posted: 17th of May 2021

The Scottish Government's Level system for lockdown easing allows our services to begin restarting. While we are in the Scottish Government's level system:

  • We will continue to work remotely as much as possible with our offices remaining closed
  • Visits are subject to COVID screening checks & infection control measures
  • Services will be provided remotely, as much as possible
  • PPE, face coverings & social distancing must be maintained

We are constantly reviewing the guidance issued by the Scottish Government to ensure we can resume as much of our services and facilities as possible. 

Our shared facilities, such as communal lounges, are more problematic due to restrictions on household numbers mixing inside. Please be assured we are doing our upmost to get these facilities fully back in use and are constantly reviewing the guidance to allow these to reopen as much as possible, as safely as possible. 

Resuming more services is only possible when strict Coronavirus control guidelines are followed.  We have full infection control measures in place for all visits and appointments. Please visit the page for more details on how we are working hard to keep you and our teams safe.

From 17th May all local authority areas where we have housing will be in level 2. To help understand how our services change in each level we have created an at a glance guide showing what services restart in each level with more details and explanations below



Offices: Our offices will remain closed to the public while we are in the levels system. We will continue to work remotely as much as possible until the Levels system is finished and further guidance is issued.

Scheme Managers: As we move down through the levels we anticipate our Scheme Managers will gradually increase the amount of time they are present in their retirement communities. Please remember this is only possible with strict infection control measures.

Communal Lounges: As lockdown restrictions start to ease tenants are understandably asking when their communal lounges will come back into use. We are working hard to ensure we can do this as safely and as soon as possible.

By level 0 we hope the restrictions on numbers will have eased considerably to allow the communal lounges to be used more fully.  Before level 0 we are looking at each individual communal lounge location to create a plan for how the area can be utilised safely within the guidance parameters.

In Level 2 we expect to be able to open the communal lounges for organised activities complying with the Government guidance on the number of households who can mix indoors. 

In Level 1 we expect to be able to review these restrictions to increase the number of households able to participate in organised activities in the communal lounges. 

We will keep you updated and promise you we are doing all we can to open these safely for you within the designated Scottish Government Guidelines.

Seated Exercise Classes: From Level 3 we can resume organised outdoor exercise activities, including seated exercise classes. 

In the other levels we await confirmation of the government guidance on household numbers and restrictions on organised activities.

Guest Rooms: We have scheduled reopening the Guest Rooms at our Retirement Living developments for you Level 1. We are aware that the Scottish Government guidance allows holiday accommodation to open in earlier levels however level 1 is when we will have the capacity to redirect our common cleaning resources to allow the guest rooms to open, without compromising the infection control measures in other areas. We thank you for your understanding and patience and once again reassure that we are doing all we can to prioritise resources so we can resume as much as possible, as safely as possible.

Repairs & Maintenance Services: Full details of how are repairs and maintenance services are resuming can be viewed here including the safety precautions we will take before visiting your home and are plan for clearing the repairs backlog. 

Planned Maintenance: We have an ambitious investment programme planned for existing stock, as well as a challenging schedule to catch up on planned maintenance that has been postponed over the past 12 months.  We aim to be caught up with this by 2023. Over the next two years, we will spend in excess of £11m on planned maintenance, including an additional £3.2 million in work postponed due to Covid.

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