Caledonia Charter Self Assessment

Measuring the Charter Outcomes - Our Self-Assessment 2020/21

Date Posted: 7th of October 2021

Each year we report to tenants and other stakeholders on our performance in delivering the Outcomes and Standards detailed in the Scottish Social Housing Charter.

To enable us to do this, we must first carry out an assessment.  During the assessment, we gather a range of information which we use to help us judge whether or not we meet each Outcome and Standard.

Last year we consulted with residents to alter our approach in line with our Customer 1st principle, to Keep it Simple, and to produce information that was clear and easily understood by everyone. It was agreed that whilst we need to include a lot of factual information and figures, we would also try to look beyond these to tell the story of how we think we have performed.

We have now completed our self-assessment exercise for the year 2020/21 and a summary of this can be found at the following link: Self Assessment Summary 2020-21.

As I am sure you will appreciate 2020/21 was a very difficult and challenging year for everyone. Throughout the whole year residents and service providers had to adapt to various Government Coronavirus regulations and restrictions. A significant issue was that different local authority areas of Caledonia had different levels of restrictions, some of whom experienced some of the highest levels for the longest period of time, and which meant service delivery could not be consistent.

Caledonia is consciously aware that in strictly following Government regulations some services and service delivery were adversely affected and residents were not always able to access some of these or there were delays to some of the services it would normally provide. We understand that this may have caused some inconvenience and appreciate your patience, however our primary priority was and remains to ensure that residents and staff are healthy and safe.

The Charter self-assessment summary represents our honest reflection of our performance during the year and highlights that whilst there were challenges, across most areas of our operation staff and residents adapted in positive ways to ensure that key services and work continued to be delivered where possible and within the restrictions and guidelines.  

We would however like to hear your views on our self-assessment and would ask that you take 5 minutes to answer a short survey at the following link:

 This will assist Caledonia to develop its Charter Report which is required to be made available to all residents.

All respondents will be entered into a prize draw for a £30.00 shopping voucher. The closing date for the survey is 16th October, 2021

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