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David Grant Appointed CHA Chairman
New CHA Management Board Chairman Appointed

Caledonia Housing Association held its Annual General Meeting at McDarmid Park in Perth last month.

The meeting, addressed by the Association's Chair, Ian McMillan, and Treasurer, Robin Gra ... Read More »

new homes for new tenants
Working in partnership gives new tenants new homes

The Provost of Inverness, Councillor Alex Graham and fellow Councillors Allan Duffy and Graham Ross welcomed new tenants Hazel Lang and Hayley McGilvery into their new homes at Assynt Road, Inverne ... Read More »

Complaints Performance
Handling your complaints - how well are we doing?

A new complaints handling procedure was implemented on the 1st October 2012. Today we are now able to report to you on our performance for a full six months up to 31 March 2013 and inform you about ... Read More »

Tenant Survey Results 2012/13
Tenant Satisfaction Survey 2013 - The Results

In order to establish a base level of performance for the Association for 2012/13 a satisfaction survey form was sent to all 3,305 of the Association’s households along with the spring newsle ... Read More »

Who looks after your street?
Who looks after your street?

Download our new guide to help you identify which Housing and Maintenance Officers look after your street.

We provide our housing management services through an area based generic approach. ... Read More »