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RBS and NatWest Customers
RBS and NatWest Customers

If you are a customer of RBS or NatWest and you have been affected by the current payment delays and live in homes managed by Caledonia Housing Association, you should contact us.

Many bran ... Read More »

CHA Repairs and Maintenance
Revised Responsive Repairs Standards

The Caledonia Board recently approved a revised Repairs & Maintenance Policy. Amongst other
things this sets out the standards we will aim to meet in delivering our reactive repairs servic ... Read More »

Olympic Tenant Torchbearer
Caledonia Tenant becomes Torchbearer

A tenant of Caledonia Housing Association will proudly carry the Olympic Torch through her hometown of Perth  today.

On day 24 of the Olympic Torch Relay, Emma McIntyre, 28, will be 1 ... Read More »

Blairgowrie & Rattray Tenants AGM
Blairgowrie and Rattray Tenants AGM

Blairgowrie & Rattray Tenants and Residents Association's AGM will be held on Saturday, June 23, 2012 at 2pm at BlairegowrieTown Hall (Brown Street) and is open to Caledonia Tenants. 

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Fintry residents win gardening grant
Gardening Grant Promotes Great Partnerships

Tenants of Servite Fintry Tenants Association are delighted having just received a grant of £7,600 from Awards for All Scotland, a Lottery grants scheme funding smal ... Read More »