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Our LARGE Scale Tenant Survey
Our LARGE Scale Tenant Survey

We are starting the year with a clear focus on wanting to hear from YOU. This month we are completing the rent increase consultation and now we are also embarking on our large scale tenant survey t ... Read More »

Caledonia Rent 2021 Increase Proposal and On-Line Survey
Caledonia Rent 2021 Increase Proposal and On-Line Survey

We would like to hear from our residents about their proposed rent increase for 2021/22. A leaflet has been posted to all tenants setting out the proposal, what the rental income will be used for, ... Read More »

Whiteford Avenue fenced off for demolition
Building a Better Bellsmyre Begins with Muir Road and Demolition starting this week

Construction work to create much-needed, high-quality affordable homes for tenants of Caledonia Housing Association at Bellsmyre moves ahead this week with contractors on site at Muir Road and demo ... Read More »

Tenant Hardship Loan Fund  Change to eligibility criteria
Tenant Hardship Loan Fund Change to Eligibility Criteria

The Tenant Hardship Loan Fund launched by the Scottish Governement in December 2020 is intended to support tenants who have built up arrears as a result of the impact of the pandemic. The eligibili ... Read More »

How Rosebank will look
Plans to be submitted for new energy efficient social housing in Dundee

In partnership with Discovery Homes, a Dundee based family-run housing developer, we are set to create new, highly energy-efficient homes in Dundee, all of which will be constructed off-site.< ... Read More »