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Becoming a Management Board Member

Our Management Board members are at the heart of our work and play a vital role in the leadership, governance and success of the Association


We recognise that a Management Board that has a broad and diverse range of skills and experience is key to ensuring strong governance.   We take steps each year to review the skills mix we have in place and to recruit new members who would add to this and contribute positively to our work.  There is no requirement for new Board members to have had any previous Board experience – what is important is a passion to make a difference and contribute to decisions on how we can provide ‘Homes and Services that Make Life Better’.

Our Governance Structure  

There are two partner registered social landlords within the Caledonia Group, each with their own governing body – Caledonia Housing Association and Cordale Housing Association.  Their work is supported by a Group Audit and Risk Management Committee and Group Remuneration Committee, both of which have representatives from the Caledonia and Cordale governing body members. 

The Role of Management Board Members 

Board members provide leadership for the Association by: 

  Setting the strategic direction 

  Acting as positive ambassadors and protecting our reputation 

  Ensuring it receives good information and advice to carry out its duties  

  Managing risks and legal responsibilities  

They have collective responsibility for ensuring we operate in accordance with our business policies and also that we comply with all legal and regulatory requirements.   

Personal Responsibilities 

Board Members are required to act at all times in the best interests of the Association, ensuring that their conduct complies with our Governing Body Members Code of Conduct. 

This includes responsibilities to: 

  Uphold the values, objectives and policies of the Association 

  Contribute to and be responsible for Board decisions 

  Represent the organisation in a positive manner 

  Respect confidentiality of information 

  Attend relevant learning and development events 

Personal Commitments 

The following time commitment typical of over a normal year:  

  Attendance at 6 Board and 3 strategy meetings over a year  

  Meetings are held via a combination of in person at our Perth office and by Microsoft Teams Video    Conferencing 

  We hold a full day annual Business Planning event that is attended in person. 

  Involvement in other business, working group or committee meetings as required 

Support and Learning  

All Board Members are provided with the support to develop the skills and experience which are key to ensuring effective governance. There are also opportunities to attend conferences and other events.  


This is a voluntary role and is not remunerated although Board Members will be reimbursed for all reasonable expenses. 


Think it sounds interesting?

Have you time to support us make difference?

Why not get involved?


We would be delighted to speak to anyone who would like to find out more about becoming involved as one of our Management Board members.  Please contact a member of our Governance Team by email at: governance.team@caledoniaha.co.uk