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Like all Scottish Registered Social Landlords, we are regulated by the Scottish Housing Regulator (SHR). 

 Each year we provide SHR with a range of information about our performance. SHR uses this information to decide the level of engagement it needs to have with us.  Due to our size, we are considered to be systemically important.  Our Engagement Plan provides further information on what this means. 

 Key documents we submit to SHR include: 

Our Annual Return on the Charter (ARC), detailing our performance in delivering services.

An Annual Assurance Statement, describing our assessment of compliance with regulatory requirements and our legal duties. 

Our Annual Accounts 

 (We also publish these documents in the document library on this website) 

 Each year SHR updates its Landlord Directory with these publications and other relevant information, including a Landlord Report for every Registered Social Landlord.  

 SHR also provides an online comparison tool that can be used to compare our performance with that of other landlords. 

Our key performance results from the ARC are published annually for tenants in our annual Caledonia Charter Reports. These reports detail how well we are achieving the outcomes and standards set out in the Scottish Social Housing Charter as well as identifying where improvements are to be made.  You will also find regular updates on service performance in our Caledonia News tenant newsletters.  

 We also publish an Annual Complaints Handling Report that provides an overview of complaints handling performance, an analysis of trends, and details of how we have used complaints to learn and improve. Again, we provide regular updates on this throughout the year in our tenant newsletters.