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Fair Work First Statement


Fair Work First is the Scottish Government’s flagship policy for driving high quality and fair work across the labour market in Scotland by applying fair work criteria to grants, other funding and contracts being awarded by and across the public sector, where it is relevant to do so. The following information demonstrates the Caledonia Group’s alignment with the key criteria set out within the policy.

Opportunities for sharing feedback

The Caledonia Group has an active employee representative group called “Your Voice” which consists of representatives from departments across each area of the organisation, the Group Chief Executive, People Director and HR & OD Manager. The group meets monthly to discuss proposed changes in the organisation and further two-way communication by facilitating the sharing of feedback and ideas from all teams with our senior leadership team.

The Group’s Health and Safety Committee acts as a focal point for all matters relating to the management of Health, Safety and Wellbeing with the overall aim of promoting the wellbeing and safety of the Group’s people, its customers, and those impacted by the Group’s activities. Health and Safety Committee members play a vital role in ensuring all employees are involved and engaged in achieving this aim.  Meanwhile, an internal team of Mental Health First Aiders, has been established to raise awareness about mental health and wellbeing, and to provide an additional line of support for employees experiencing a mental health issue or emotional distress.

Caledonia offers multiple opportunities for all staff to come together to share ideas and provide feedback on key aspects of our business and their employee experience, including: bi-annual Business Planning Feedback sessions, chaired by the CEO, and our Best Companies employee engagement survey. Teams are also encouraged to take the opportunity to contact managers and directors across the business to share ideas or concerns they have.

Caledonia actively promotes a culture of inclusion and respect between employees at every level of the organisation. The Association’s Culture Guide identifies guiding principles and behaviours to help everyone work together while moving in the same direction to achieve our vision.

A range of informal and formal communication channels have been established to ensure that any employee concerns are dealt with promptly, discreetly and consistently; including access to a team of in-house HR professionals experienced in employee relations and mediation; a free and confidential employee counselling service; and comprehensive policy framework.

A combination of these structured and informal methods support us to identify ways to improve the employee experience for all staff at Caledonia.

Learning & Development Opportunities

The organisation makes significant investments in the development of its workforce. Learning and development is supported by Personal Learning Plans and all staff are supported to keep their professional qualifications up-to-date. Core e-learning modules are completed by all staff on a monthly basis to ensure shared knowledge and understanding in relation to important aspects of work (i.e. equality and diversity, health and safety, data protection and cyber security).

As well as individual, team and organisational learning opportunities, we actively support the development of young people by offering Graduate Apprenticeships in partnership with local universities and providing mentoring support to local school pupils to help them prepare for the world of work.

Creating a Fair & Inclusive Workplace

A number of initiatives have been undertaken to make Caledonia a more diverse and inclusive workplace. We have recently produced an Equality, Diversity and Inclusion charter and have a dedicated working group comprising of members from across the business to support the charter’s implementation.

As part of our EDI commitments, a gender pay gap report has been produced for the past two years. Whilst the Association does not have a statutory requirement to do so (employing less than 250 staff), the statutory Gender Pay gap methodology was applied to ensure our equalities commitments and improvement actions are shaped by data.  Actions to ‘close the gap’ include; the introduction of a Succession Planning framework, a review of HR Policy to support family friendly working practices for all staff, from day one employment.

To support our female colleagues as they experience the Menopause, menopause awareness sessions are available to all staff and an internal Menopause Guide has been created in consultation with our employee representative group and Menopause Staff Group (“The 100% Club”).

We recently launched our “Agile for Everyone” model which is unique and specific to our needs. It has been designed in consultation with our staff and customers, balancing customer and staff needs to drive business growth whilst supporting our ability to attract, develop and retain a diverse staff group through flexible working opportunities. The model provides staff with the tools and flexibility they require to develop new ways of working that pave the way to healthier, more sustainable and rewarding working lives.

Employee Reward, Terms & Conditions

We offer generous conditions of employment, which are well in excess of statutory minimum for annual leave and occupational sick pay. We offer employees a generous personal pension plan and cover through our group life assurance policy. Employees also have access to a health plan that reimburses dental, optical and a wide range of other health and wellbeing expenses with effect from day one employment. Meanwhile, each year, staff have the opportunity to give a little extra back to the community by using their paid day of volunteering.

Although not accredited, Caledonia Housing Group is committed to paying all staff at least Real Living Wage, with a review taking place in April each year to align with the annual review of the Real Living Wage.

Caledonia Housing Group has never used ‘fire and rehire’ practices and does not envisage doing so in the future.

The Caledonia Housing Group does not make inappropriate use of zero hour contracts. The vast majority of our staff have permanent contracts of employment with guaranteed contracted hours.  We support flexible working across the Group, offering a wide range of flexible working patterns.

Supply work is only offered when there is no alternative. Workers on these contracts are not compelled to accept work when offered and supply arrangements are kept under strict review. Where possible we will use a fixed-term contract rather than a supply contract arrangement.

This is not an exhaustive list of everything we have in place as we are continually reviewing and evolving our practises. For more information, please contact people@caledoniaha.co.uk.