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Climate and Sustainability Strategy 2023-2026 

Net Zero by 2045 

The Scottish Government has set out ambitious targets to achieve net zero by 2045.  To meet this target will require transformation across the country from businesses to individuals.  Caledonia and Cordale governing bodies have recognised that climate change is one of the biggest global challenges and acknowledge the role we have in reducing carbon emissions.  We have committed to meet the Scottish Government’s net zero target by 2045.  In support of this the Group has approved a Climate Change Statement and Framework aligned to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).   

Our Climate and Sustainability Strategy covers all of our business activities and translates the Climate Change Statement and Framework into actions, targets and timescales over the short to medium term, with longer term ambitions set out.  The strategy also sets out the links with other key strategic documents, to ensure that Climate Change and Sustainability is embedded throughout the organisation as we proceed towards Net Zero by 2045.  

In order to achieve our goals and reduce our carbon emissions it is essential that we involve our tenants and communities, our employees and contractors and suppliers. We will make sure that tenants’ needs are met as we deliver our energy efficiency and decarbonization goals. 

The strategy is underpinned by annual action plans and dedicated resources to support our sustainable commitments.  Progress against the action plans will be reported to and monitored by the governing body members.  Annually we will publish reports on our progress towards the net zero ambition to demonstrate our commitment and achievements.   

Climate and Sustainability Strategy

Climate Change Annual Report