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Highlights from Our Bellsmyre Community Information Day

Shaping the Future Together: Highlights from Our Bellsmyre Community Information Day!

Last week we held a Community Information day for our Bellsmyre customers. It was a day filled with connection and collaboration, as we came together to share updates about the Bellsmyre regeneration project, and to foster invaluable partnerships aimed at enhancing the quality of life for our community members. At the heart of the event were our dedicated teams from Development, Assets, and Customer Service, who shared insights into the progress of our projects, services and initiatives.

This was supported by the presence and active participation of a diverse range of community partners such as West Dunbartonshire Citizens Advice BureauPolice ScotlandScottish Fire and Rescue ServiceScarfHome Energy Scotland, Bellsmyre Digital Trust, and Tulloch Trust. Each of these partners plays a crucial role in providing essential support services, ranging from cost-of-living assistance to promoting overall safety and well-being within the Bellsmyre community.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to making our Community Information Day a success.